Marathon Training: Week 2

I have to say that week 1 left me feeling a little nervous.  Were the paces for my 3 runs too fast?  Would I fall into the trap of only doing my cross training and giving up on the runs and then completely bonking at the marathon?  Why is IT SO HOT?!?

Obviously, I need not have gotten myself so spun up so early.  Week 2 went fantastic and gave me a really good boost to hit week 3 as hard as humanly possible!

Diptic (2)

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The 2015 Race Calendar that Shouldn’t Be

In 2013 I promised MB that after I finished my 30 races I would take a break.  Then of course I registered for Big Sur and Pittsburgh back to back.  Early in 2014 as I was pounding the snow covered pavement I promised MB, after our weekly post-long run brunch at my fav Mexican spot, I would take it easy in 2015 with racing and traveling.  Then I got into Marine Corps {late 2014 but still} and THEN two of my dearest friends asked me a question I cannot under any circumstances say no to:


The answer is always unequivocally YES.  YES I WILL DO THAT.


Oh you’re running your fist marathon and you want me to be there for that?  Sure!


I got to run with you for your first race and now your first half?  Yes PLEASE!

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Akron Marathon Relay Panera Team Bloggers

As you probably know — since I think most of you have muted these conversations by now — I’m like 900% obsessed with my #Team4PrincessesandaFrog aka the peeps I’m running the Akron Marathon relay with in September.  Like so obsessed in fact that, since most of them live in Pittsburgh, I become actually envious when they get together and run.  They are the best and I want to buy a big house in the country and start a running camp so we can all hang out together all day and eat doughnuts and run and never have to be apart.  {That is so creepy and I give exactly 0 Fs about it, OK?  They are awesome}

photo 1 (2)

holy mother I love these people.

My SWF tendencies aside, we have been having an amazing time communicating with each other AND the Akron relay communications team about our excitement for this race.  Our glee was clearly contagious because when the Akron Marathon started putting together a blogging team, hosted by Panera, they asked us, Team 4 Princesses and a Frog, to be part of the team.


My teammates have written about what this will mean in terms of hearing from us about the delicious training options that Panera has to help you fuel and how amazing the Akron Marathon is.  But here are the things you WON’T get from me since being chosen to be part of the team:

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Marathon Training: Week 1

Dude.  DUDE.  Run Less, Run Faster is officially one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do.  The paces are literally breakneck. As in I want to break my own neck the work outs are so hard.  I did a lot of modifications mostly from exhaustion + heat.  I’m hoping that this week goes a tiny stitch better.  But I have to say it was not all bad, it’s just hard, and I’m not used to running being hard, I’m used to it being fun and relaxing.  I think this is just the change I needed to really whip myself into shape.


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5 Things Friday – Disney Edition

If you follow me on social {see right sidebar} you’ll know that this time last week MB and I were working out at the spa gym at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World.  This week, obvs, not so much.  We had this tripp booked almost immediately after we got back from the WDW Marathon weekend.  MB is such a trooper when we travel for races and he remarked how he hadn’t been to Disney to just be there and have fun in 3 years.  YIKES.  We were long overdue.  I think the only real recap I’ll write is about the food because jesusmaryandJOSEPH it was good on this visit.  So, in lieu of a whole week of Disney recaps {aka pictures you probably already saw on Instagram} here are the 5 things that really wowed us at WDW last week!

photo (7)

we went under the auspices of our 5th wedding anniversary which is in August.

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Marine Corps Marathon Training: Day 0

I like superdeeduper love when the marathon training cycle starts out with my favorite workout.


photo (2)

are you ready for like a week of Disney recaps and photos?  ME TOO!

Which is great because, as you probably heard, I just came off a 4 day whirlwind Disney vaca that consisted of over 35 miles covered a pied, tons of sun soaked afternoons and even a day of heavy lifting at the spa gym with MB.  Oh, we also got in at 1 AM and I had to be at work regular time while some of us got to sleep in and not do anything today — other than track down our lost luggage and missing keys.

No matter — today is actually a really important day in my schedule that will look like this for the next 16 weeks:

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Race Report: Freedom Four Miler

Spoiler alert: This race went amazing!  Let’s get right to it!


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