2015 Calling!

I love the new year.  Not the pay $300 and then take a $400 uber downtown in a $150 dress to be around 1,000 people I hate new year.  The actual change from one year to the other.  I like reflecting on the past and hopefully, eagerly looking forward.  Looking forward is my favorite part so let’s talk about what 2015 has in store for yours truly.


it’s tough when the new year has to out do things like this

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50 States to End Cancer

With about 30 days left until the WDW Marathon and the end of my Team in Training fundraiser I thought it would be time to play a fun game to kick fundraising into high gear and, most importantly fund life saving treatments for Leukemia and Lymphoma warriors.


So, here’s the deal — I want to make the US completely purple with your donations!  Every time we get a donation for Team in Training from a new state — your state — we can purple the map!  On Christmas Eve, I’ll be raffling off three sweet prizes:

  • $50 Kate Spade Gift Card
  • $50 Stella and Dot Gift Card
  • $50 Oiselle Gift Card

All you have to do is donate here, let me know which state you’re repin’ and then wait to win an amazing prize.

All you have to do is donate at least $10 to rep your state and be entered to win!  Let’s end cancer for GOOD!



Hooray!  On Friday, before my 18 mile weekend I got cleared by my physical therapist to be done with physical therapy!  I did my last set of workouts and then my PT did a re-evaluation.  I was so pumped that when he tested my ankle mobility, my range of motion with my foot and the strength of my legs everything passed on both sides.  I have improved both legs, sets of toes and ankles to 100% satisfaction.  I still have a little bit of lingering pain in my heels after an hard or long run and when I get up after sitting down after a workout my heels definitely hurt but it’s not nearly as intense as it was before therpay.  My PT explained that I’ll have the pain in my foot until I can get custom inserts.

Luckily, I got two new pairs of stability shoes {gone are the years of the minimalist shoe} so, in the meantime the pain has been seriously minimized.

Here’s the lesson in all this friends:  stretch every day.  Three days of strengthening a week.  I’m going to start with two and build up to three as my training and schedule permits.  I feel like such a dummy for not following all this good advice earlier but that’s my favorite thing about running.  It is constantly teaching me and therefor I’m always learning.  And running never takes me more than it gives.

Here’s to ending the year on a high, injury free note!

My {Recovery} Holiday Run List

The last two weeks have been ca-ray-zee!  There is so much decking the halls and training for a marathon, awaiting MB’s arrival, trying to rehab this stupid Achilles tendinitis.  You know the normal stuff.  My family is starting to ask for my Christmas list.   My focus has really been on recovery and so as I’ve been making my list and checking it twice and waned to share the three things you need to get your runner to make sure they stay fit and healthy.

1. Pro Compression anything

In this case the calf sleeves.  I ran 16 large on Sunday and some serious calf tightness.  After stretching I was concerned about my calves tighetning up which, while rehabbing my Achilles means a lot of soreness and hobbling.  Luckily, with Pro Compression’s help, I was able to rock these sweet calf sleeves as part of my recovery during the day after that long run.

FullSizeRender (2)

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So Thankful

Listen, I know it’s trite to write a thankful post and then post it on Thanksgiving.  But as I reflect on this last year of running all I can think of are all of the things that I am thankful for.  So now you have to read them.  But at least after this you can eat a piece of pumpkin pie.

Most importantly I am thankful for the people.  Running more than anything has given me people that I would never have otherwise met.  My running friends are the most friendly, talented, loving, supportive, FAST, awesome.

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Caution! You Will Get Wet

There are three things I’m not super into:  standing, being nude and being wet meaning showering is like my least favorite thing in the world.  It’s no wonder, then,  that on Sunday morning after crossing the finish line of my third Wine and Dine half marathon, when MB FaceTimed me from a remote location he found his shivering, sobbing wife on the other end.  What’s wrong, Lauren?  I GOT WET! I yelled at him.  And not the fun, Kali River Rapids wet.  The awful soaked to the cold tutu-ed bone had to run 13.1 miles in the dark wet.you may get wet

photo sourced from alldisney.tumblr.com

But let’s be real.  No one wants to read about 13 miles of whining.  So I present the super duper positive from Wine and Dine weekend, because there were a lot of positives.  As usual.

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Stretching. The Hard Way

I’m currently 1.5 weeks into my 4 weeks of physical therapy.  My physical therapist, Joseph, is literally the bomb.  He’s pretty no nonsense – so my wincing and whimpering doesn’t get me very far with him.  And so far this tough love approach to PT it totally working.


then i went ahead and ran 15.5 miles

On my first visit last week, Joseph did a bunch of strength tests to see exactly what was going on with my body so that he could create the program that would get me on the fastest road to recovery.  Turns out my left side, the side with the Achilles tendonitis, is super weak.  Like, hella weak.  Like couldn’t push against Joseph’s hand to keep my leg aloft weak.  Now, as a result, I am in a rigorous regiment of stretching and strengthening.  As I sat in the beautiful new PT office {it’s baller.  I literally refused to go to a bootleg PT} going over the exercises with Joseph I cursed myself silently.


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On Veterans Day, To the Veterans That Mean the Most


Before there were marathons and 30 races and tweet-ups there were two, then three and then four veterans that were literally coaching me through the marathon of life.  There were lunches, and long {LONG LONG LONG LONG} hours. We had happy hours, Washington post articles, countless tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts, meetings.  Did I mention the long hours?

The most important thing I took away from working with this awesome group of vets —  the thing that I take from job to job and can apply directly to the things that matter most in life — is the value of the people that spend your time with.  People that share the same values and want the same things.  They taught me that the titles and money don’t matter.  If you’re surrounded by unfailingly loyal people that are supportive, wildly intelligent and ridiculously passionate, you are already successful beyond measure.  And, this is important on a day like today, the only way to say thank you for their service is by not saying it at all.  It’s by showing it in the work that you do.

As such, I think of them a lot when I’m running.  Gutting it out in a race I signed up for.  Willingly.  I want to work hard and be better because that’s what they would do — push to the limits and then turn around and say we can go further.  In every person I meet, most recently in my amazing teammates and my ever growing run family,  I look for the outstanding qualities I found in them, that they helped to cultivate in me.  These are some of the things that keep me running.  I owe so much of my success to their friendship.

So, today,  I won’t say thank you.  I’ll just keep churning out awesome — just like you taught me.

The Last Thing You Want to Hear

As I mentioned, my feet have been bothering me.  For instance, after the Tower of Ten Miler {RIP} I could not enjoy the party because the bottoms of my feet ached.  As I prepped for the race, I noticed that the horseshoe as I call it around my heels were in a ton of pain.  When I got out of bed in the morning after a run of any length I have to tip toe around the apartment until I could put weight on my heels, particularly my left foot.  For months I have been doing what any good runner does — I ignored it.  I finally decided that if I was going to have a good race in January, I need to go into it healthy.  So, I got a podiatrist and went this week for my appointment.


And I heard exactly what I didn’t want to hear — it’s your Achilles.

Let me back up.

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Fives Things About Disney Friday

I’m so happy that it’s Friday.  Ridiculously happy.  I’ll be spending time with this little wondrous peach this weekend.  Both of them.

IMG_1161 (1)

One of the things that I’ve been doing recently other than running is day dreaming about the WDW Marathon weekend.  It’s  my main motivation for pretty much all activities right now.  So, I literally cannot get Disney off of my mind.  I wanted to share the 5 things that I’m really excited about — Disney style.

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