A Weekend in the Woods

Every year, MB and I go to Shenandoah National Park to hike, sleep in the comfy cabin and eat all the delicious food.  We have made this a tradition since our Tiny Moon in 2009.  Every time we go, we find something new and beautiful to do or see.  You can see photos from previous visits here.

photo 1_3

We had a wonderful time, again this year mostly because of our new couples activity.  Running of course.

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Five Books I’m Into Friday

Ahhh Friday!  I have so many good intentions of filling you in next week about my training of late, my {old} workout obsession and so much more.  In the meantime, I wanted to share with you five books that I’ve been absolutely into lately.  They’re the perfect reads for a Shenandoah weekend in the woods with your love — like the one we’re off for!


One of the best things about Shenandoah?  The Blackberry Ice cream Pie.  And like nature.

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LNRB’s Unequivocally Perfect Run Jams

I find that most runners go through phases with music.  Most of us start out absolutely needing our tunes, then after we run for a while, we find we’re not as dependent and it becomes a great way to stay calm or get pumped up.  I use music, after almost a decade of running, to pump me up before races or tough training runs.  And here’s a secret:

My fav run jams are all about running — or they talk about running.

Here are my top pump up run jams!

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Five {Times Two} Things Friday

Earlier this week I was tagged by my friend M over at Read Eat Write Run to share 10 things about myself.  I love Ms. M — she’s a super dedicated and accomplished athlete and best of all an incredibly supportive friend.


i miss these faces.

Plus I love anything that harkens back to those AOL surveys you used to send your friends that you already knew everything about.

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On Tuesday’s We Beat Cancer: Wednesday Edition

Dude — this week is short and I’m so confused about what day it is so here we are.

Regardless of what day it is, i have some really awesome news about kicking cancer’s ass!

photo (1)


in case you were wondering that shirt does say All You Run is Your Mouth.

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Five Links Friday

Hi y’all!  First thank you SO MUCH for the love and support after I decided to defer MCM this year.  It really reinforced for me why I invest so much into the online running community — because just when I need you, you’re right there.  I’ve been laying low — taking serious time off from training of any sort, enjoying my time with MB and some other fun life things.

I honestly can’t wait to get back to training full time — likely next week.


someone is having a bday party this weekend that MB and I are VERY excited about

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5 years Running

Five years ago I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, watched the Daily Show and got ready for one of the best days of my life to date.



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