Five Things Friday

Hooray for Friday!  This week was a little bit of a nutroll and next week doesn’t promise to be any less nutrolly, especially since, well, I leave for the Big Sur marathon on THURSDAY.  In the meantime though the internet was chalk full of goodness this week!


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Five Things Friday

HOORAY!  I am halfway into my 4 day weekend!!  There are so many good things happening!  The weather is PERFECT, my bestie is coming to spending the night, my final 20 miler, seeing friends, shopping, eating — BRING IT ON.  But in the meantime, thank you internet for a wonderful week!


see?  best weekend ever!

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How to Have an Awesome Race T Shirt Quilt in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were just on fire?  Everything was coming up {insert your name here} and you were pretty sure that the next person you saw was going to offer you a million dollars and your own private island because you are just that gangster?

So multiply that feeling times a million and stuff it into my yesterday night.  That’s how happy I was to get my 30 races T Shirt quilt.

collage quilt 1

super stoked

Let’s get to those 5 easy steps!

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Marathon Training Weeks 15 & 16

Sigh.  These two weeks are the two that should have been awesome but were just lacking.  Normal people are running their race by week 16 but not me —-ohhhhh no.  And I think these two weeks really reflect my exhaustion.

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Race Report: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

When my amazing sister Theta Phi sister, Jennifer, asked if I would take her Cherry Blossom {henceforth forevermore CB} bib I waffled. I really didn’t have the best race last year, it was crowded and let’s be real, I can run over the memorial bridge any old day.  But then I remembered how many amazing people would be running and spectating this race, plus my parents had offered to come to down on rare off weekend so I took the bib.

And man am I glad I did.

I originally planned to actually race this race.  Shove myself to the top of the corral, execute my race plan race this race.   But I remembered my dearest friend Kate was running her first major race at CB and we planned to stick together and run the race.  When new best friend Chelsea and I made plans to meet up before hand we agreed to stick together for the first part of the race and if she wanted to speed ahead and catch up after, she would.  But she didn’t.

Spoiler alert:  This is one of the funnest and best races races I’ve ever run.

It’s not always about finish times… sometimes it’s just about being surrounded by people that have the same passion and joy for runningPavement Runner

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Rest Week

With less than three weeks until the big day, it probably seems counter intuitive that I’m taking a week off.  But I am.  And I can’t WAIT!

photo 4

a great start to rest week.  also coach Jeff has endorsed rest week.

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Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited about this weekend!  Jan and Paul are coming, the 10 miler, there will be doughnuts!  Hooray!  Thankfully the internet did NOT disappoint this week!  Let’s have at it!



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