5 years Running

Five years ago I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, watched the Daily Show and got ready for one of the best days of my life to date.



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I’m at marathon training week 7.  Every week for the last 7 weeks the week day workouts were fantastic and then the long runs would come … and go.  The week that I actually did the runs they were less than stellar.  I was exhausted, overheated, poorly hydrated or nourished.  Most of the time, I didn’t even do the long runs.


on a rare long run.  on MB’s bike.  with him running behind me.

This past weekend was particularly bad.  I had a 14 miler scheduled for Sunday.  On Saturday night we stayed out and up to 1 AM.  Sunday morning came and went and I promised MB that I would get it done in the afternoon after the sun started to set and it got cooler.  The afternoon came and went and after so much hemming and hawing I hit the treadmill to do the first half of the 14 miles.  And 4.25 miles in I was over it.  I wasn’t particularly tired or anything I just didn’t want to do it.  My head and my heart weren’t there with my legs.  I came back to the apartment and told MB “I think this Marathon is not going to happen.”

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An Endurance Couple

We all have friends that astonish us with their amazingness.  MB and I have a freakish number of those friends.  Quite often I find myself saying — “My friend that flew around the world with the Vice President” or “Mark’s colleague that’s currently doing research in Iraq” and so on {seriously nearly unending}.  We have been enormously fortunate to know such fantastic, inspiring people.

One of our favorite couples to name drop are Mara and John.  When MB and I are bragging on these two it normally starts out with “My best friend, who writes novels,” and “Right, he works for the State Department.”  But for all of M and J’s really cool things they have going on — like their ridiculously cute kids — they are an endurance couple.  Mara completed the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2009 — not a year after giving birth to her first child.  She’s a sub 2-hour half marathoner who is currently training for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler to run {with me!!} again not a year after bringing baby number 2 to planet Earth. Her husband of 10 years, John is equally as impressive.  As you’ll read, MB and I often get to start stories about John with “Yeah, our friend that just ran a full Ironman.  In Zurich…”

So grab your coffee and get ready for real motivation, real race stories, and some all around real talk — about the love for your partner and love of the sport.  Or sports…


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Marathon Training: Week 4

Oof. This week was tough. Workouts aside, we’ve been dealing with some pretty lame {which turned into pretty awesome} personal stuff. Which sometimes makes workouts even more awesome — sometimes it leaves you feeling defeated and gross. I was somewhere in between.


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Five Books I’m Obsessed with Friday

Ya’ll!  It’s FRIDAY.  I have so much to catch you up on.  Some of which I hope isn’t how I shamefully STILL didn’t finish my long run from last week.  Either way, I’m off to the beach with my whole family for the entire week!  This either means I’ll be posting twice a day or you won’t hear from me until September.  Hopefully it’s the former.

In honor of the beach I wanted to share the books I’m totally obsessed with this summer.  I’m a pretty voracious reader but this summer I’ve been really inspired by two of my besties via our book club to expand my reading horizons.  Plus vacations always bring out the book worm in me — I bought four new paperbacks to have on hand next to the pool!


our niece loves books of course because she’s going to be the first ever astrophysicist gold medalist in gymnastics with a minor in french literature from Harvard teaching at Yale.


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Marathon Training: Week 3

They say, when life hands you lemons, grab your tequila.  But this past week, I grabbed my car keys and my dog and headed for the hills.  The hills of PA where I hid out and completely screwed up my training schedule for this week.  But, on the bright side, I ate at Panera after a tough tempo run so that makes it way better.


I love that baby.

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Fuel Your Better: AKA The Most Delicious Energy Bars Ever

Full disclosure:  I don’t like energy or sports bars.  I equate them with the diet bars that I used to eat obsessively in college that tasted mildly like candy bars and mostly like cardboard.  When I became what I now consider a more serious runner, I have continued to turn my nose up to almost every type of well loved and respected bars:  PowerBars?  No thanks.  Cliff bars?  Gross!  Picky Bars?  Ok, I guess but only because I really want Lauren Fleshman to like me.

When I got the opportunity to review the Vega Chocolate Coconut Almond  energy bar to Fuel My Better, I figured I would just be able to tolerate them and then my bar-loving spouse would have another box full of treats to fuel his workout.

Oh how wrong I was!

photo 1(1) copy 2

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