You Never Forget Your First Time

There is literally nothing better than that feeling of you crossing the finish line for the first time.  Let’s all take a minute and savor that first finish line.

Ahhhh yes.

Mine was the Great Race 5K in 2005.


Not bad, LNR, not bad.

Recently two of my favorite people had their first finish line experiences.  They are experiences so impressive that I needed to share them.  Tom and Britt have been in my life for over a decade and friends of MB’s for much longer.  They are like family and when they started running it made my heart soar.  Below is their amazing story about getting to and crossing their first finish lines, and what’s next for them {aside from taking over the world with their awesome}.

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An Ode to Steff on Marathon Eve

One of my BRFs, Steff,  is running the Columbus Marathon this weekend.  I have been following her progress and training closely on her blog, Insta and Twitter.  If you haven’t seen all of her awesome you need to get after it immediately.  Her commitment to performing her best during the whole cycle — not just the race — has been really inspiring for me especially at a time when I feel a little marathoned out.

Steff and I are online friends turned IRL friends.  Honestly, without Twitter {and specifically Jeff for bringing us together in WDW} I would have been intimidated to waltz up to Steff at a race and be BFF.  She’s a FAST woman who runs for the Oiselle flock and starts in corral A.  For like marathons.  So I doubt I would have had the chance to even see her.  But the beauty of Steff as a human being is that she is completely open and loving.  There is no ego or judgement.  She is helpful, supportive and oh so fun to be around.

And that’s why, Steff, I {and probably half the internet} wish you so much love this weekend while you dominate Columbus.  I would wish you luck, but you don’t need.  You’ve put in the hard work mentally and emotionally — you’ve already made your own luck.


She’s right there in the middle.  GO STEFF.  We are all behind you.  Literally <3

WDW Marathon Training: STARTS RIGHT NOW!

A chat with the ever fabulous Princess Pendleton of Team Princess 1983 recently.

NP:  i’m signed up for the country music half in April but that’s too far away, i need a sooner goal.  i’m having a bit of a year-post-marathon-funk-depression
LNRB:   i completely understand.  i’m just about to write about how i need to get my ass in gear for my next race bc i’ve been feeling the same way
NP:  when is your next one?
LNRB:  WDW marathon (gulp) in 13 weeks
NP:  holy balls – 13 weeks????
LNRB:  uh yes probably time to dust off that training plan and i don’t know run a little?
NP:  hahaha :)
Right, the marathon.  In 13 weeks.  As NP says:  Holy balls.

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I ran the Army Ten Miler on Sunday under a borrowed bib as a last minute addition to my fall races.  After last weekend’s Tower of Terror 10 Miler, I was feeling pretty good.  I started with a group of friends and we start picking off the miles and splitting up based on pace.  I pulled a head for a little bit to enjoy the sites and scenes and the beautiful fall day. 10504800_10204058751863502_8390476140672302023_o

Kate, sorry your eyes are hella closed.

Anyone who runs in DC knows that all of our races follow the same paths:  Memorial Bridge down to the monuments and then back to wherever we started.  I was headed down Ohio Drive toward the Holocaust Memorial Museum with my face happily turned to the sun thinking about getting dinner with MB later {as a thank you for getting up before the sun for yet another race} and what I needed to do this week.  I pulled around a fellow runner with what I recall no malice or chagrin.

“Showoff,” she shouted.

I turned over my shoulder and replied – I’m about to take my walk break and wanted to get out of the way!

“Honey, it’s about the miles not the pace,” she curtly replied.

I almost stopped dead in my tracks.  I had had my first encounter with a rude runner.

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RIP: Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Guys.  My favorite runDisney race of all time, The Tower of Terror 10 Miler, did not make it onto the rD schedule for 2015.  It took me a week to grieve and I appreciate your patience in the process.  Despite my overwhelming sadness, I wanted to share, in memoriam, the highlights of this year’s race.

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Race Report: The Akron Marathon Relay

First and foremost, I would be remiss if I didn’t immediately thank Andrew and the whole Akron Marathon Team and Panera Bread.  Spoiler Alert:  It was a great event and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Let’s back up.

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Cancer Isn’t Done. So Neither Are We

Ever since I crossed the finish line for Team in Training in Pittsburgh, I was excited to get back to the Team.  You can imagine my delight, then, after meeting with one of my mentors from the Nike Women’s Half Marathon and the idea was floated that I mentor a a group of Team members.  That was in June.  In August, I went through a rather rigorous interview process.  A few weeks ago I got a fabulous phone call.  I am a mentor for the New Orleans Team.

As a mentor I have some very important duties, but most important is my personal fundraiser.  This will be my biggest fundraiser yet because I know you are just as sick of cancer as I am, obviously.

go team

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Race Week Training Update

Guys.  It is RACE WEEKEND!  In two short days I will be reunited with my Akron Marathon team, part Team Panera, all team #FourPrincessesandaFrog.  You can follow our hijinx this weekend at that hashtag on Twitter and Instagram!


wait.  It’s going to be amazing.

I’d like to give a special shout out to teammate Sarah who is rocking a fractured foot and will still be out there cheering her heart out.  THAT is teamwork.

After we run in Akron on Saturday morning, we are going to pack up and head back to Pittsburgh to wake up on Sunday and run the Great Race, again as a team.  This is extra special for me because it’s the first time I had met Jeff in person.  Frien-iversary!!

So with all this running and racing {my first major races since crossing the line in Pittsburgh in May}, here’s what my training week looks like these days.

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Failure is an Option. Fear is Not.

When I deferred the Marine Corps Marathon I immediately gave myself two weeks off.  During that time, I didn’t work out.  At all.  I took the opportunity to reorganize and regroup.  As I looked at my race calendar for the remainder of the cycle, I knew my number one priority was to get my mind right.  The running would come.

And it hasn’t, really.


but Joshy and I ran on the beach so that was awesome.  and hard.

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A Weekend in the Woods

Every year, MB and I go to Shenandoah National Park to hike, sleep in the comfy cabin and eat all the delicious food.  We have made this a tradition since our Tiny Moon in 2009.  Every time we go, we find something new and beautiful to do or see.  You can see photos from previous visits here.

photo 1_3

We had a wonderful time, again this year mostly because of our new couples activity.  Running of course.

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