Cheer Squad Recap: The Princess Half Marathon

A friendly reminder: I’m a Disney travel agent that can make your next racecation super magical.  My services are free so let’s do it!

Last year, my Princess Squad rolled down and ran one of each of the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend races.  So, of course, we had to do it again this year.  Because no one was trying to get up early 3 days in a row, the girls decided that this year, the half would be the race of the day.  We also decided that Holley would run her first half.  AND that it would be the first race back for LV after a major surgery.  AND almost all the Ohana came too!  Glory!

We met at the airport and checked into the Wilderness Lodge (yes!) and immediately got ourselves together and headed to the expo.  I decided in the summertime to not run the half marathon, which, in retrospect was an excellent choice for my health.  At the time it was a purely financial decision.  Let me be one hunnid on this.  Owning your own business is sometimes complete bullshit and you have to choose carefully how to spend your money.  MB and I decided that while the vacation was totally doable, spending almost $200 on a half marathon was not.  I’m not here to judge anyone that spent any money on a race.  I’m so happy for everyone that got to enjoy the half marathon.

Anyhoodles.  The expo was really fun. We got some Wetzel Pretzels, a few doodads and got to meet Belle, pictured above.  Clearly my first time meeting a princess.

After that, we went down to Disney Springs and hung out with Steff and Joe and Nathan before our dinner reservation at Ragland Road.  I had never eaten there and it was awesome.  The food was delicious and the entertainment was literally tops.  I loved it.

we sat right by the stage

Saturday was a play day.  I started with a run to the Tri Circle D Ranch to see the ponies!

Then we headed to Epcot to ride frozen, drink margs and eat nachos.  I can’t tell you how much fun I have with these girls.  I’m so fortunate that running has brought these amazing women into my life.

the new frozen ride is amazing.  don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and Tori’s husband Joe was able to join us for the big race.  We headed over with our runners and to meet up with our Ohana.

Also worth noting:  If you can stay on a monorail resort for these races you owe it to yourself.  The runDisney buses — while they do everything they can with as many people running and all the road closures — are complete shenans.

After we got the runners to their corral, Joe, Joe and I got some breakfast empinadas and headed over the Magic Kingdom to cheer on Main Street!  I’ve never cheered on Main Street so I was ridic excited.  We got there before the sun started to rise and to see the MK quiet and lit up was amazing.

After getting all posted up we waited for our people!  First through was Nathan.  Obviously.  Then came Steff.  She ran an amazing sub-2 hour half.  She wasn’t thrilled with how the race went but I was as usual, very impressed with how she did.

Next through was Coach Jeff.  He was so in the zone, he almost missed us!  Joe (Steff’s Joe) had gone to meet Steff and so it was Joe (Tori’s Joe) and I cheering on Main Street, handing out Twizzlers (a tough sell at the beginning of the race) and screaming.  Next through were Charles and Kelsey who looked strong and happy.  Then Natalie and Jimmy.

They were making great time even though Natalie was suffering from some foot discomfort.  I’m so proud of them!

Next, our girls!!  Look at them flying in!  Also, LOL at that lady in the yellow tutu.  Outta the way!

No, you’re crying with joy!

I love this pic of Lauren.  She is always clapping and smiling in my mind ❤

LV was feeling amazing, Holley was doing great and Tori and LW were just as perfect as usual.  Big hugs, maybe some tears on my part, candy and then 10,000 pictures. Obvs.

Joe and I decided to stay through and cheer on the final runners through the Magic Kingdom.  I grabbed a Diet Coke and we started to head to Epcot to see the girls finish.  That’s when it happened.  I got a terrible stabbing in the back of my throat.  And it felt like someone pulled my plug.  I just assumed that it was from all the cheering we had done.  Onward.

Uhh.  Riding the monorail from the TTC was an epic fail.  Then, like a ding a ling I suggested that we get on a bus to DHS and walk over to Epcot.  I felt so bad that I was dragging Joe all around.  By the time we got to Epcot, Joe was full on running to see the girls at the finish.  I had to hustle over try to meet my Ohana girls for a massage.  The busses had other plans so I skipped the massage and headed back to the resort.  By this time, I realized that my throat stabbing was an actual cold.

thank god steff got us these leggings. 

We took it easy the rest of the day and tried to get to bed early.  After, of course an amazing celebratory dinner at the Cali Grill.  I bumped into Brandi before hand while we waited for our table.  My Ohana sightings were complete!

On Monday we played again in the Magic Kingdom before we all parted ways.


After I said goodbye to the girls, I met up with the Ohana for the nacho challenge at Pecos Bills.  It is as glorious as you imagine.

I flew home Monday night and was super sick for over a week.  Which of course means I missed a full week plus of marathon training.  I’m glad I didn’t have to force myself to run while I was on vacation.  That would have put me in a much rougher spot, for sure.

As of right now, my 2017 runDisney adventures are complete!  But don’t worry!  I’m already signed up for the 10K at marathon weekend next year (my first Disney 10K) with Hilary and Sara.  And I already have intense marathon FOMO.  So…we’ll see what happens.

How was your most recent race?

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