PGH Marathon Training: Weeks 3-6 (?)

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OK, so.  Running has not really been a big huge priority lately.  As you might have read, I’ve been suffering from a low point with my depression, which in turn makes me really disinterested in things that usually bring me joy.  I’ve been feeling better, but I’ve also gotten really really busy.  Busy means I’m tired a lot and still dealing with my depression does not really create an environment for running success.  Then I got sick.  And the sick held on for almost a month.  This week, I tweaked a muscle in my glute.  It hurt so bad I could barely sit, let alone run.

Earlier this week I was starting to panic.  I’m running a marathon in 5 weeks.  The farthest I’ve run is 12 miles.

And then, I started talking gently to myself and I decided to take stock of what I’ve done and what I’m able to commit to doing in the next 5 weeks.

What I’ve done

I’ve run hard runs

I’ve gotten in a few midweek runs, done some speed work and hit some long runs.  Always in double digits

What I’m committed to doing

I truly thought that with the right training I would be able to PR this race.  I still think that, but let’s be real.  I did not have the training cycle to run a PR.  And I’m OK with that at this point.

I’m committed to doing at least 2 runs per week — enough to keep me running healthy and get me through the marathon distance.

I’m committed to eating on plan, really trying to fuel properly through the rest of this cycle.

I’m committed to staying positive and being honest about where my training has me by race weekend.

Listen, sometimes, the PR is not the only measure of success.  Sometimes it’s just getting to the starting line healthy and crossing the finish that really matters.

How has your training been lately?

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