Five Things Friday: WTF is Going On

Friends!  Countrymen!  I’m back!  The last few weeks have been a little bit nutsy and I thought, rather than a big old post, we would harken back to the old days. Here’s a Five Things Friday WTF is going on edition.

  1. I was diagnosed with severe plantar facistiis three two and half weeks ago.  I’m back at physical therapy three times a week.  I also can’t run until I’m cleared by the PT — and it’s going to be a while.  As it tuns out PF is really stubborn and my PT doesn’t want me doing any weight bearing activities until I’m cleared.   I have at least 6 more sessions of PT, so we’ll see.
  2.  I’m not running at all. I have a lot going on in my life and it is so hard to not be running — as evidenced by the little, illegal run I did this past week.   It’s all hard.  Everything is hard right now with and without running.
  3. I’m not running the Pittsburgh Marathon, obviously.  This is intensely disappointing.  even though I wasn’t training at the level I was hoping to, I have so many sads about missing this race.   I’m still so proud to be on the team and representing the city I love so much, so my role has shifted.  Please see above re: everything is hard.
  4. I’m waiting to get the clear to run/walk the 5K marathon weekend.  Probably a lot more walking than running.  The thing I’m looking forward to the most is cheering the team — and every single runner — at the marathon and half marathon.  Having a purpose — especially cheering, one of my all time favorite activities — makes everything a little bit more bearable.  Make sure to look for the crazy lady with the signs, the cowbell, the sparkle skirt, the Oiselle singlet.
  5. None of my clothes fit.  Since I haven’t been running, and I’ve been really down about it.  I’m medicating by not exercising and eating everything in sight.  I’m making a commitment this week to be more accountable to myself and try to woman up a little bit.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been so supportive and making sure I’m not living under our porch covered in Doritos. Thank you for also not defriending me with all my emo posts.

How are y’all doing?  WTF is going on with you?

2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: WTF is Going On

  1. Entirely Amelia says:


    Injuries are dumb and the worst and you shouldn’t have them. You should be immune.

    Also, you should come up to NYC some time really soon and I’ll cheer you up. You can crash on our couch and sleep under a pile of cats.

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