Race Report: PGH Marathon 5K

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Guys.  This race.  Everything.  The weekend.  Everything!  Our people?!  EVERYTHING.

Listen, I’m not going to pretend that I was easy not running the marathon on Sunday.  But, I can say, with certainty that I have a lot of peace with where I am physically and with running.  That certainty allowed me to really really enjoy participating in the 5K.  It also, truly, allowed me to soak up our people while we were in town for the weekend.  Sure we were busy and running from event to event, meet up to meet up.  But, without the pressure of the marathon, and having a peace with this season of my running life, I was thoroughly present.  I could enjoy each person I saw, really see them, enjoy our time together.  It was an amazing time.

First up though, the 5K.

MB and I arrive in Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon and Omni was home base.  I had coordinated with Steff to meet and walk over to the start of the 5K.  She and I both pretended like I’m not 100% directionally challenged and I ended up meeting them right outside of PNC park which was perfect.

it was so dreary and cold.  and wet.  and dreary. 

fancy we run social pic from their insta page. Also LNRB, stop going out in the rain without a hat on.  You look ridiculous.

yeah faces in the front! ohana all around.

We listened to the national anthem, calmed Brandi’s fears that Jeff wasn’t going to kill her with a PR attempt (spoiler alert.  he did not and she did PR!) and I walked over with Sarah and Matthew to start in the back.

back of the pack is not for quitters.

Since I was on a strict walk this or else from my PT, and I didn’t want to get soaked from the rain, my umbrella and I headed all the way to the back of the pack.  I stood with Sarah and Matthew while we got going across the start of the largest field the 5K has ever had.

After Sarah and Matthew trotted away and I waved at the dubious spectators whose faces were def all like who is this broad in flower tights, a skirt and a mickey umbrella, I heard my name being called.  I whipped around it’s SUZE!

I’m so proud to say that Suze and I met when we competed in the Outstanding Young Women Scholarship pageant.   Yes that’s right.  Pageant.  You will be happy to hear that I was the fourth most outstanding young woman in Cambria County.  I even had to do pushups.  You’re welcome.

Anyway, Suze and her friend, my new friend Kristina, were in town for the 5K and were walking, too!  We can walk together!!  I was so glad to have friendly faces for the whole 5K.  I will be 100 — it was hard walking that far after being off.  The miles ticked off super fast as we chatted and caught up.  It was truly outstanding.

love you mean it!

After getting my medal, I met up with the Ohana to a resounding cheer!  I did it!  First race back!  When I heard them yelling I got a little choked up.  These people don’t care how many marathons I do or don’t run.  How many walks I need to take.  How much weight I’ve gained.  They care that I’m here.  And they care that I’ve tried.

that’s right man in the red coat.  bask in the glory.

And that feeling of love, acceptance and excitement was what the whole weekend was about.  It’s what running, to me, is actually about.  And it took walking a 5K in the city where dreams come true, to remember it.

More on the PGH Marathon weekend coming soon!

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