Oh, hey!


It’s been a minute.

700,801 minutes actually.  But who’s counting?

Since the last time we talked, things have been a bit topsy turvy.  I haven’t really been doing a whole lot with running.  I sort of did the 10K at Marathon weekend this past year {and almost died, but Sara was there to save me}.  I have not been physically well and I have a lot going on in my personal life.  I go to therapy like 4 hours a week and talk about why I’m so sad and why I’m so angry (both in situational and in longitudinal ways).

And in the midst of it all, I gave up running.

Running, for me, is funny like that.  It’s like the old friend or dear family member that I truly take for granted.  Like things are really hard right now, I can’t deal with you!  or I’m so sad and eating all my feelings and you are the thing that is hardest because of it, I can’t deal with you!!!  Or even worse I can’t stand to be alone with my thoughts that long and YOU’RE the activity that forces that level of introspection, I can’t deal with you!!!!!

And running, even though it might make it hard for me to come back, is always there.

In the last year I’ve probably run a total of 20 miles.  And that’s generous.  I deferred the New York Marathon.  The longer I was away the more I was convinced that maybe running had given up on me for good.  And then recently I ran two twenty minute runs.  And there running was.  Like that old friend and dear family member.  Waiting.  Not without soreness.  And definitely not without some sadness.  But we are working through it.

OK, so what?

SO!  I decided rather than just GO with my bests to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon, why don’t I train for and RUN the Princess Half Marathon.

Training starts in mid-October and I’m excited about the ramp up {like these little 20 minute runs}, the cross training {Pure Barre, all the way} and sharing the journey back here on my little blog that I love so much.

Like I’ve long said, running is not about the races or the clothes or the medals, it’s about the community.  And man oh man do I need some community in my life right now.

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