PHM: The Plan

I’ve hemmed and hawed about the plan I wanted to use for the Princess Half Marathon for weeks.  On one hand, I’ve had ridiculously good luck with the Run less, Run faster training plans.  Running three days a week and cross training additional days is perfect for my old, weary body.  But, on the other hand, I’m not in a position to be running faster, just running less.  So it seemed like an overly ambitious plan.


here’s a picture of the last time I was at princess.  i already have my sash ready.

Normally, I would convince myself that I should write my own plan but I talked myself out of that really fast.  I settled on another tried and true plan — Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Plan. For the experienced runner, natch.

The plan is provided for free from the runDisney website.  The plan itself is pretty simple:  running three days a week with recommended pace targets and a run-walk cadence.  I am going to modify the plan and focus on getting the runs IN without worrying about timing too much.  Homegirl is just trying to finish here.

I’m excited about the plan for two reasons.  First, the plan is 18 glorious weeks long.  That means on October 22, I’ll have my first official training day.   Having all this time is important to me.  I have over a month from today to get mentally and physically ready for training, the weather will be a little more cooperative {hopefully} and I’ll have ample time to get myself into shape for the actual race.

Second, the mid-week runs are not measured in miles.  THEY ARE MEASURED IN MINUTES.  Easing back into mileage is really important for my psychologically.  I can get myself pretty flipped out about 2, 2 mile runs in the first week.  But an hour, in one week?  Plus a three mile long run?  Now that I can do.

There are going to be a lot of other factors for success in this training cycle.  Getting my eating back together {oy!}, continuing with cross training, figuring out my costume {v. importante!} and of course, getting my gear game back in A+ status.  But for now, I’m very excited to see the 18 week plan every time I head to the fridge.  I’m looking forward to logging the miles here and on my legs, crossing off the days on the plan.



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