Hi, I’m Lauren Bailey!  I’m a business owner, Weight Watcher, wife, sister, auntie and (most important to this content) runner.  I’ve been running since 2002.  In 2005, I ran my first 5K.  In 2012, I trained for my first marathon and then I got heat stroke at mile 15.  So, in 2013 I ran 30 races to celebrate my 30th year on the planet. Not to be outdone in 2014 I ran back to back marathons — Big Sur and Pittsburgh.    You’ll read a lot about races, eating, Pure Barre, vacations, Disney World and MB.

Most importantly I think you’ll read about the ways that the community shapes each and every run sometimes in small ways sometimes in really big and wonderful ways.  The people, more than the medals and the accomplishments are the thing that make running so dear to me.  I’m happy you’re here because you’re probably a person and thereby my favorite thing about running!  Welcome!