Cheer Squad Recap: The Princess Half Marathon

A friendly reminder: I’m a Disney travel agent that can make your next racecation super magical.  My services are free so let’s do it!

Last year, my Princess Squad rolled down and ran one of each of the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend races.  So, of course, we had to do it again this year.  Because no one was trying to get up early 3 days in a row, the girls decided that this year, the half would be the race of the day.  We also decided that Holley would run her first half.  AND that it would be the first race back for LV after a major surgery.  AND almost all the Ohana came too!  Glory!

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PGH Marathon Training: Week 2

Game on PGH Official Blogger

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This week started off OK and then quickly devolved into not sleeping, eating anything and trying not to cry about everything.  Thankfully, I was able to pull it together for the long run this weekend so the week could end on a very high note.

Historically, things are weird for me in week 2 as my body gets used to training again, so I’m not too freaked out.  Just freaked out enough to try to spend $1,000 on new Oiselle gear.  (that I didn’t purchase, you’re welcome Duffy.)

Monday img_4229



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PGH Marathon Training: Week 1

Game on PGH Official Blogger

It has been a little less than four full weeks since Walt Disney World Marathon domination.  I had planned to take the month off from running by getting back to my personal trainer, swimming and using the elliptical machine.  Wellllll.  I went to training twice, swam once and I think used the elliptical machine maybe 3 times.  I definitely took the spirit and letter of weeks of rest very seriously.

While I didn’t do all the working out on my rest month, I did do a lot of thinking about my next training cycle for Pittsburgh.  I did a lot of reflecting on my most recent training cycle and projecting for Chicago — training for which will start right after the Pittsburgh Marathon — and I settled on 3 goals for Pittsburgh.

A Goal:  5:15 would be a 7:42 PR, 12:05/per mile

B Goal:  5:22 would be a a :42 PR, 12:25/per mile

C Goal:  5:45 a solid marathon, 13:20/ per mile

So with some serious goals in mind, let’s get to training!  I’m going to go with a new different format for Pittsburgh training recaps.  Let’s go!

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Real Runner’s Virtual Summit

Have you ever thought to yourself man — I would love to go one of those super cool runner’s conferences.  But you think I can’t take a week off from work, I don’t have the time to travel, who is going to watch my dog, child, partner?  I have.  That’s why, I’m so excited to introduce the Real Runner’s Virtual Summit!


The virtual summit, hosted by Katie Heddleston, registered dietician, run coach, mother runner and all around awesome human, will give you access to some of the most experienced voices in the running community.  From nutrition to choosing the best race for you — there’s literally something for every runner at every experience level.

Oh — and I had the express pleasure of working with Katie on racecations!

The summit begins February 20!  Early bird registration starts next week today so mark your calendars — it’s going to be great!

If you have a questions drop me a line!  Can’t wait to see you at the summit!

Race Report: Walt Disney World Marathon Part II

When you last left us we were riding a roller coaster and setting off for the second half of the marathon.

Miles 14-20

These miles are usually pretty dark and stormy for me.  Luckily, this time, I never really felt that way.  We headed out of the Animal Kingdom and met up with Charles — Kelsey’s husband — and her mother in law where they had sodas and fruit for us.  We ran past a marching band playing All I do is Win so I knew that these miles would end up OK.

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To Sara, On Marathon Eve

Remember in 2006 in the summer, when you were buying small potted plants for your boyfriend’s, now husband’s apartment?  And I was, I don’t know, whatever I was doing.  And we used to go on those fast walks around Shadyside, preemptively judging everyone who would try to judge us?  Those were some of the happiest half hours of my life during a year that was emotionally torturous and left me on the brink.


i love this picture.

I don’t think it’s a mistake that a decade later, during the same type of year, you sent me an eloquent email essentially saying:  we need to do our fast walks again or I’m going to kill someone.

I had no idea then, but as I sat on my couch that day, tearing up at what you had written that, again, your dedication to a goal, your perseverance and your just general badassery would deliver me through another tough year.  But, I should have known.


too bad nothing we do together is ever fun or eventful

As your coach I should tell you that you’re ready, that you’re strong, that you were actually able to run this race in late October.  But I’m not going to.  What I will tell you is thank you.  Thank you for giving me a reason to pick myself off of the floor literally in Nashville and know that regardless of what happened with my knee, I would be at the starting line.  Thank you for giving hours of support and companionship on the long, hard runs back, even when we were seperated by miles and miles and miles.  Thank you for giving me courage and grace when I had none to give myself.  And thank you for showing up for me, in a million little Sara ways, just when I need you.


I’m so happy you found me crying hysterically in the law school library stairwell.  I’m so happy you’re on your way to my favorite place on earth to meet some of my other favorite people on earth to do my favorite thing on earth.


Oh and the hay’s in the barn, you’re ready blahblahblahbal.  But that’s the stuff you already know!

Head up, wings mother fucking out!

PS — GOOD LUCK to all the marathoners this weekend here in Magic Town USA and all over!! ❤ 

#WheelsUp 2017

Oiselle is the endless source of inspiration and kinship and support.  So, this year, when they proposed a monthly challenge to hone in on goals for the year, I am all in.   I’m so ready for 2017 — I’m excited to build a year around positivity, friendship, family and stillness.  So, participating in the Oiselle #WheelsUp2017 makes sense to help this happen.


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